About Us

Energy Care is an Energy Consultancy Company that provides expert advice for landowners, investors and the banking sector for renewable energy projects. We are fully committed to renewable energy generation as it increases in importance within the energy supply market.

We specialise in the delivery of feasibility analysis, project design, project management and environmental impact assessments.  We have the capability to offer a full range of project development services to suit your needs.

We work with clients throughout the project seeking at all times to reduce risk, minimise cost and maximise value.  Our services are offered individually as well as in a package, unique to match your individual requirements.

Managing Director

Biography: Andrew Cassidy

Andrew has been part of some of the Country’s leading wind farm projects and is mainly involved in site assessments and environmental impact assessments of wind farm projects.

Andrew graduated from the Institute of Building Engineers and also the American Institute of Architects, he has provided extensive consultancy services to energy providers throughout Ireland and Europe.